Midi Skip Hires

We notice that renting a skip is not regular work. Sometimes, people get bothered about the difference between mini and midi skip hire. Here we will tell you about midi skip hires Newcastle detail wise and clear your doubts.

What is meant by Midi skip hires Newcastle?

Midi skip bins are the cheapest and smallest bin offer by the United Kingdom. You select midi skips when you want to remove the trash that is more than a mini skip. Midi skip is the best option if you think of an affordable and efficient way to draw domestic rubbish. Generally, your skip is complete, but your trash is still; you can hire two midi skips or more.

Midi Skip Sizes Newcastle

Like mini skip, midi skip is also derived into two sizes. These skip bins are perfect for ultimately removal lighter, higher amounts of rubbish than mini skips. It is mainly used for domestic purposes like kitchen updates and bathroom refits, ample garden clearance and other home renovation. Midi skip is suitable for disposing of big house trash.

Many different companies in the United Kingdom offer the two sizes are 4 yard and 5-yard skip bins. Both of these plays a significant and affordable role to remove both commercial and domestic purpose. For further information, we are going to explain both types detail wise.

2 YARDS Midi Ski4

A 4-yard midi skip is a versatile bin available in a reasonable range used for domestic and commy purposes.4 Yard midi skip is among is affordable skip sizes available with specific content. It can hold 45 black bin bags of trash and is usually enough space to carry the kitchen bathroom and room renovation.

Midi skip can carry furniture, rubble, wood and similar types of other rubbish. You should be escaped to hold chemicals, hazardous waste, tyres, fridges and other chemical items.


            Length= 7ft 

            Width=  5ft

            Height= 3ft

In Cubic Meters:

           Length= 2.13 m

           Width= 1.52 m

           Height= 0.9 m

          Volume= 3 cubic meter


          40- 50 Black bin bags

          4 cubic yard

Cheap 4 yard mini skip

Cheap 5 yard midi skip

5 YARDS Mini Skip

If you need a secondary source to remove the waste from the home redesign, you use a 5-yard midi skip. It is also used for DIY projects, which is the best removal solution for domestic. Its purpose is the same as that of the 4-yard skip.

Many companies provide the midi skips in multiple ranges. It can deposit enough amount of rubbish which include domestic and commercial waste. The capacity of midi skip to store waste is 55 black bin bags. By hiring a skip, you can save you precious time and money.


            Length= 7.5ft , 2.28m

            Width= 5ft  , 1.52m

            Height= 3.5ft , 1.07m

            Volume= 4.5 cubic meter


           55 Black bin bags

            5-yard cubic meter

Uses of midi skip hires Newcastle

Midi skip is count to be the most flexible size of skip hire. In many cases, builders hire this skip and use it for renovation or extra waste in construction sites.

These skips are very flexible because of their capability to store waste. Customers use this to get rid of their trash.

Midi skips are chiefly using for:

  • Bathroom clearance
  • Kitchen transformation
  • DIY projects
  • Large garden renovation
  • Rooms updates 


Midi skip hire services like “Skip Hire Newcastle” help you in such affairs. Many years ago, the midi skip hired use for domestic jobs. With time, it is used for commercial purposes also.

Why I hire midi skip hires Newcastle?

Midi skip hire in Newcastle can make your life comfortable and precise. Hence, you may hire midi skips in Newcastle and get benefits from this and clean your home thoroughly when you hire a skip according to your wish.

A skip bin, without a doubt, is an excellent way to clean rubbish and garbage products. So It is significant to do your research thoroughly before hiring one because it is a matter of your money. Don’t waste your money on useless skips. That’s why we explain midi skip detail wise. If you are thinking of hiring skip bins now or in the future, you should know everything about what is meant by midi skip? How it works? And their capability to store waste.

What can I deposit in a midi skip:

A midi skip is a bin that can carry the majority of garden waste. It is an efficient way to get rid of scraps and household junk that you face in your daily routine or specific events. So need not be worry about waste. In few hours, you found the house neat and clean by hiring a midi skip.

Waste type of midi skips hire Newcastle

Some types of waste can deposit on the midi skip, but some of the waste can’t. Without clearance, you can be suffering from many serious diseases.: The type of waste you can Deposit.

  •  soil
  • metals
  •  furniture
  • wood
  • rubble
  • grass
  •  plucked branches
  •  dead leaf

You cannot set up the harmful or hazardous rubbish into midi skip. This waste includes:

  • TVs
  • Tyres
  • Fridge
  •  `Fluorescent
  • lights
  • Gas
  •  Cylinder
  • Oil
  • Bulb
  • Chemical
  • Diesel
  • Liquid

Why these type cannot deposit in midi skip hires?

All these types are not set up in midi skip hire Newcastle for removal. Firstly, Car batteries also not be deposited because, unfortunately, all of these types of trash have to return to you. Secondly, Fridges contain harmful chemicals and gases that may cause a danger to both human beings and the environment. Above all, To remove these types of waste (garden and household waste), contact your nearby recycling centres other than skip hire services.

Cost of midi skip hires Newcastle

The prices of skip hire depending upon the sizes of the skip bin. Dimensions of the skip based on your requirements. Sometimes you need a container to remove the trash for the room or large house. Midi is used to remove such type of rubbish. We allow you to tell us the sizes you require, we will give you the best opinion to hire.

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